Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We left Stansbury about 8.45 am on our final leg. Weather was still lovely. Went thru Adelaide, I knew Lilian was in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, so we rang her from the bottom of the hill where you go thru the Adelaide Hills. I told her we will wave as we were going past.......
We got as far as Nhill and stayed the nightLeft Nhill at about 9 there in a caravan park. The cockies were so noisy, couldn't even hear the TV, but when it got dark, they went quite, until the next morning about 5.30.
We left Nhill at about 9 am on our way home. We had a good run until we just got to the Westgate bridge, there was a traffic jam for a few miles, 2 trucks had collided, can you believe it, on a straight stretch of road.....
Anyway we got out of that and got home at about 3 pm. Got the van behind the fence and started to unpack straight away. It is nice to get home but then the work started. We emptied as much as we could before dark.
This morning it came down in buckets and thunder, so we couldn't do much, allthough John cleaned out the ute and I started washing and drying, but this afternoon it cleared up, so I finished to get all the stuff out of the van.

I can also let you know that John played the longest golf course in the world, ie The Nullarbor Links. He is no golfer, but had bought 4 clubs at the Mornington Recycle Centre for
$ 7.00, was given a bag of balls and some tees, so off he went, started in Ceduna and ended in Kalgoorlie and got a certificate as well. He did not too bad after all, 143 hits over 18 holes in some really rugged country side. He really enjoyed it, but he said he won't take up golf.......

Well all good things come to an end and so does our holiday, we had a fantastic time and it is a pretty good lifestyle.
Till next time hopefully.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

This is our pet seagull, he came around every time we were eating something and John would feed him, ate out of Johns hand twice. And if other seagulls came near he would swoop at them and make sure they didn't come into his territory, it was quite funny.

Well we packed up the awning and all the rest that had to be done, so we can be on our way early, to go home.....after a fabulous 2 months holiday.
We have seen, done and learnt a lot on our trip. Met some great people and stayed at some beautiful places.
I must admit this a great and beautiful country.
We have had some great weather here in Stansbury, all though it can get very windy here.
It is a lovely place, the caravan park is great, there are about 23 spots right on the water.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Went for a ride in a header yesterday afternoon. That was quite an experience and very interesting. It is amazing that only the heads of the grain gets pulled out or of and thrown into the grainhopper. Went around the paddock a few times, while John and Cheryl went and got a couple of utes for the men to go home in after they finished. After every round the hopper was full and was blown into a field bin, they hold approx 24 tonne. When that is full it gets loaded into a truck and then taken to the silo and then into a ship to go overseas. The grain we were cutting yesterday was barley. Ian sometimes works thru till late at night, depending on the weather. But last night it became too cold and he could not strip anymore. It was very interesting.
Today we went for a drive to Yorktown and Edithburg, nice little towns, but not much there, so we came home and John went crabbing, caught one..... a blue swimmer, so he will cook that one after. But he will go out later and hopefully catch some more.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Still in Stansbury, we had one stormy day, but yesterday was beautiful, didn't go anywhere, just sat outside and read. John tried to go crabbing,, but it was too windy, so will have another go today at about lunchtime, so hopefully, keep fingers crossed.
Johns cousin, Cheryl, came by yesterday afternoon, she is very interesting. They used to have oyster beds here and knows a lot about them, we learned a lot.
Today she will come and pick us up for afternoon tea with her mum, which will be nice. She was married to Johns first cousin.
I might go for a ride in a header with Ian, Cheryls husband. That would be very interesting for me of course, haven't done anything like that before.
Staying out of the sun today, got a bit too much sun yesterday........never learn.......
John is cleaning out the ute, it was a bit messy in the back after nearly 2 months of travelling.
It will be strange getting home, but also nice of course, then getting back in the old routine.....bet that won't take long.
Christmas will be upon us in no time, haven't even thought about it, so it will be hectic getting everything organised.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Left Port Augusta Monday on our way to Stansbury on the York Peninsula.
We decided to stay there for a few days. Johns dad came from there, we stayed there 3 years ago, which was very nice.
On our way down we stopped at Port Pirie and had a look around, nice little town.
We took the country road down, which took us through Kadina and Moonta, where we stayed a few nights about 3 years ago. Stopped there and had a look around.
On our way down we came across a lot of trucks, all carting grain, it is harvest time.
We arrived at the caravan park late afternoon, weather still beautiful, but that was about to change for the worst. We set up camp and got organised, put the shades up, thank goodness for that. It started to blow a gail, and we are right on the water.......
It has been blowing all day and it has been very hot. We caught up with Johns cousin, which was very nice. Will meet them again tonight for dinner at the local pub.
The beach here is not as nice as the ones in WA, but it is still nice to be here.
Pelicans are coming out in the afternoon to be fed.
Hopefully the weather will be nice to us for the rest of the week.
This is right at the beach where we are staying, only have to walk down a little hill, how good is that.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

This is somewhere along the Nullarbor, nothing but nothing interesting, just saltbushes.
Photo below is the limestone coastline, very high and in some places very dangerous, with the wall braking away, quite spectacular.
Well back in the land of sevices..... We left Kalgoorlie last Friday at about 7.15 am on our way to cross the Nullarbor again. It was quite hot, so we were happy to leave that early.
Because we left from Kalgoorlie it took a bit longer to cross. We had to top up in Norseman with diesel, we had filled our jerry cans in Kalgoorlie, was a bit cheaper....
We also had to stock up a bit with food, which we did also in Norseman.
Drove till Caiguna and decided to stay in the caravanpark there, had to top up with diesel as well. We had had a very strong headwind, we can't win, headwinds on the way over and on the way back, sometimes couldn't do more than 80 kms/hr.......frustrating to say the least....
Left early again the next morning, same headwinds again, can you hear John winching?.....
Drove till about 7.30ish, because we lost 2.5 hours of course, found a freecamp and stayed there for the night. Left there about 9.45am on our way to Ceduna, luckily we ate all our fruit and veg, just boiled the potatoes and put them in the fridge. We wanted to go as far as Port Augusta, we arrived here at 6.30pm and set up camp at the Shoreliner Caravanpark. Booked for 1 night. Leave here tomorrow morning to go to Stansbury, York Peninsula, where we will be staying till Friday or Saturday, so John can hopefully do some crabbing and fishing and catch up with his cousin........

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well another beautiful day here in Kalgoorlie. John's cousin had suggested to take a drive to a historical Inn, called Ora Banda about 65 kms north of Kalgoorlie, passing a lot of gold and nickel mines. Well this is really outback, red dirt  and gravel roads. As I said before, cars, bushes, streets, buildings, they all have a layer of red dust, our car included of course.
We had lunch there, which was nice. There was a German girl on a working holiday there, serving behind the bar. That must have been really something for her, she only has been there for 3 days, in the outback and very hot.
After we came back we had to stock up for our trip back across the Nullarbor. We are full with water and the car is full with diesel and 2 jerry cans on the back of the van.
It will probably take us a good 2 days to cross and we will be having no service at all untill we reach Ceduna.
We are all packed up and ready to go early in the morning.